I would say if we design buildings, we construct and we also demolish buildings
then we should take into account the following:
Buildings are -

- well suited for the local natural environment, following the building traditions;
- built from local and from natural materials;
- life cycle of the house is designed according to what was said
not to be shamed in front of the people who were before us and who are coming after.

Sven Aluste 

Hobukooli Park 2007

To put all of this into practice we organize natural building workshops and courses. We construct smaller garden houses and bigger living houses where we use wood (reused wood), clay, sand, straw and we use traditional building methods where possible. 

Workshops are held in Hobukooli Park or on the building site of the client.

You can find a list of the following workshops on the left menu. If you would like to attend one of them or you need more information, just write to us. Thank you.